Breakfast Tortilla

Breakfast Tortilla

At For The Love of Breakfast we love weekend brunch. I mean, what’s better than kicking off a day of relaxation with a nice big breakfast… And of course a mimosa or two. 

We take our brunch recipes very seriously and are always looking to cook up something new and tasty. We had some potatoes left over from another recipe – we don’t like waste – and we thought… what about a breakfast tortilla? Or should we say the full name, tortilla de patatas. 

Breakfast tortillas are inspired by the Spanish omelette, a hearty meal of eggs and potatoes and all sorts of other delicious (and healthy) items. 

For this recipe, we added in broccoli and thyme and topped it off with small cherry tomatoes for a bright burst of color.

Relatively easy to make with minimal washing up, the Breakfast Tortilla just takes a little bit of skill when flipping it in the pan. Our word of advice, take it slow and don’t rush and practice makes perfect!


300g potatoes, peeled and sliced thin
1 red onion chopped fine
1 cup small broccoli florets
5 free range eggs beaten
3 tablespoon virgin olive oil
A few thyme sprigs
Baby tomatoes and chives to garnish
Salt and pepper to taste


Pour olive oil into a frying pan and place on a low heat
Add the chopped onion and broccoli florets
Pat the potato slices dry on kitchen towel add to onion and broccoli florets
Sprinkle on the thyme leaves
Keep heat on low and cook for about 30 minutes until potatoes are tender
Whisk the eggs until very frothy, add salt and pepper
Pour the beaten eggs over the cooked potatoes, give a gently stir
Cook on low heat for about 20 minutes until the egg on top is set
Loosen the sides of the tortilla and carefully flip the frypan over a large plate
Tip out the tortilla, carefully slide it back into the frypan and cook for about 5 minutes
Place the tortilla on a serving plate, garnish and slice
Tortilla can be served hot or cold with crusty bread or salad

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